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Here are only a few of the many great testimonials that Danny Terrell has received over the years.. each one of these, a life changed forever. Not from him, but from themselves.

" Teachers open the door; you enter by yourself. "

- Famous Chinese Proverb

Major Walker

" a great atmosphere..fantastic teacher..sifu Danny Terrell who made mr feel welcomed and his students were great. His students are a reflection from him and yes si will be there for the events because it's great to get certain gaps filled in your art. I recommend his school for top quality training and instruction. I will be back

.I met some great guys there "

Stephen Walsh

" Danny is a true professional. I learned very valuable real world lessons from him. Highly recommended Friendly people and good atmosphere. I especially valued the lessons on countering a close knife threat to gain distance to draw your primary weapon. "

" I observed a seminar today featuring Wing Chun and Kali. It was absolutely wonderful! The practical application of the principles taught were inspirational. Great seminar! "

Jim Provost

" Danny is a great teacher and knows how to motivate people. "

Bradford Ashby

" Sifu Danny is an awesome instructor. Love every training session with him. He very knowledgeable, and knows how to teach, instruct, and coach. Great mentor. "

" Exceptional training. I've learned more about myself here than I had anticipated. Worth checking out if interested in trying something new. "

What Our FRIENDs Say


Trent M Meaux, CSW Instructor

This is the first gym where I truly learned what it takes to be a martial artist , as well as a fighter . I’ve I had my toughest training sessions under Sifu Danny Terell . He’s the best instructor in South Louisiana . He really cares about your growth as a person and martial artist .
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